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Refreshing Matcha Tea Mocktails for Celebration Season

June 28, 2023

The season is upon us for backyard barbeques and celebrations. It can be easy to go overboard on the chips and dips, which is why we've come to the rescue with these delicious matcha elixirs to help you power through the busy summer festivities. No alcohol, refined sugar or energy crashes needed at this party!

Why do we make our mocktails with matcha?

Be prepared to stun your guests with these gorgeous matcha mocktails.

Green Pina Colada

Refreshing Matcha Tea Mocktails for Celebration Season

Remanence of the popular tropical drink, we put a matcha spin on this classic to bring you to new heights of sippy happiness. Fresh pineapple and banana provide a slight acidity to contrast the bold Summer Harvest matcha. The coconut milk adds that signature coco-nutty flavour while evening out the rest of the ingredients. Unlike traditional pina colada, this bright treat has zero refined sugar and is naturally sweetened with ripe fruit.

Serves 1


½ cup diced pineapple

½ ripe banana

125mL low-fat coconut milk

30ml warm water (80C/175F)

1 teaspoon of Summer Harvest matcha

Mint to garnish


In a separate bowl, whisk matcha with warm water (80C/175F), set aside. Blend ice with pineapple, banana, matcha paste, and coconut milk. Pour inside a tall glass or a stout glass. Garnish with fresh mint.

"Green with Envy" Matcha Elixir

Refreshing Matcha Tea Mocktails for Celebration Season

This drink will get you all the side-eyes and friends asking, "What is that?" This elusive little green drink looks complicated but is realistically simple to make. The spicy ginger adds a little kick and eases your stomach after too many vegan nachos.

Serves 1


½ teaspoon of fresh ginger juice

125mL Blueberry Kombucha

1 teaspoon Summer Harvest

¼ teaspoon organic cinnamon

1 lemon, sliced


In a separate bowl, whisk matcha and 50ml of warm water (80C/170F) until smooth. In a cocktail shaker, combine all ginger juice, kombucha, matcha paste, cinnamon and ice. Shake for 30 seconds by hand.

Add lemon slices to the bottom of a glass. Pour elixir into glass and serve. Top with sparkling water or kombucha if needed.

Tableside Matcha Lemonade

This lemonade not only graduated, but they got their Soho House membership in the East Village. A smidge of natural honey balances the lemons' tartness, so you're not left with puckering lips.

Refreshing Matcha Tea Mocktails for Celebration Season

Serves 4

5 fresh lemons

60ml organic honey

2 tablespoon Summer Harvest matcha

125mL warm water

4 cups cold water


Juice lemons and add to blender with honey. Blend until smooth. Pour into a large jug. In a separate bowl, whisk matcha with warm water until smooth. Pour into the jug and give it a good stir.

Citrus Green Punch

This citrusy matcha spritz practically screams poolside work session. Grab a seat and sip on this refreshing, immunity-supporting punch.

Refreshing Matcha Tea Mocktails for Celebration Season

Serves 2

1 medium orange, squeezed

1 teaspoon honey

1 can sparkling water

1 teaspoon Summer Harvest matcha

30ml warm water (80C/170F)

Cucumber, peeled

Blend orange juice, honey, and sparkling water. Fill a glass halfway up with ice. Pour orange mixture into glass. In a separate bowl, whisk matcha and warm water until smooth. Drizzle matcha mixture into the glass. Garnish with peeled cucumber.



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