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Dye your Easter Eggs with matcha

April 02, 2019

We take any opportunity to infuse our offerings with matcha, and Easter treats are no exceptions. You may have heard of the natural trend of dyeing Easter eggs with turmeric, red cabbage, onion skins or beets to give them beautiful natural hues. Did you know you can dye eggs with matcha to make them green as well? 

Matcha dyed Easter Eggs

Whether you want to make a whole naturally-dyed rainbow or just different shades of green, you can produce some beautifully-hued eggs without using chemical dyes. 

This method works best with white-coloured eggs. You can also use the eggshells only, which are a bit more delicate, if you want to use them for decoration for a few days!

Just use a needle to puncture two small holes on each side of the egg. Then you can "blow" the yolk out of the egg. If any larger bits of shell come off, you can glue them back into place once the egg is clean on the inside! Or you can use hardboiled eggs and have them as a fun Easter snack. 

Dye Concentrate

The amount of concentrate made depends on how many eggs you want to use. We like to use tea mugs, mason jars, or deep muffin tins to soak the eggs in so it's easy to leave some in longer and get different intensity of colour!

1. Whisk up a large batch of matcha. If possible, sift the powder before whisking in order to prevent clumps. You would want to use about 1 tsp per egg, so judge by the number of eggs you are making.

2. Divide the matcha evenly amongst the cups. You can also add spinach leaf or other greens for a very bright green!

3. Add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to each cup.

4. Use a spoon or some tongs to GENTLY lower each egg into a cup or mug. When they have settled, if the liquid does not sufficiently cover the egg entirely, add a little bit of water to make sure the mixture is topped up over the egg. 


5. Let them sit! You can keep them all in the fridge overnight for a brighter green shade, or take them out at different times a bit earlier to get varying hues of green. 

6. Take them out carefully and let them dry on a drying rack in order to avoid pools of colour. In a pinch, gently patted (not rubbed as it can damage the dye) and then left to dry on a paper towel can work as well. 

Matcha dyed Easter Eggs


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