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DoMatcha Low Caffeine Review

April 24, 2018

DoMatcha Master’s Low Caffeine Matcha

A review by green tea expert Ricardo Caicedo

DoMatcha Master’s Low Caffeine Matcha is a novel product, I hadn’t heard about such a matcha before. It has the same level of caffeine as a decaffeinated coffee, so it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The process isn’t explained in detail. But from what I was able to find, caffeine is extracted from the tea leaves using water and then the leaves are freeze-dried and ground in stone mills. The resulting matcha retains 90% of the original content of amino acids and EGCG.

In order to fully evaluate this low caffeine matcha, I did this tea review at night.


My first low caffeine matcha

I absolutely love the aroma of matcha. I wonder what a low caffeine matcha smells like?

I’ll describe the fragrance as deep, with fresh seaweed and low sweetness. It must be of high quality, such an intense aroma can’t be found in a low grade matcha.

The color of the matcha is also very good. It’s bright green.

So far so good, but what about its taste?

DoMatcha Master's Low Caffeine Matcha brewed. I prepared it and noticed that it feels just like a ceremonial matcha. The first aspect to its taste is that it is very smooth, with no bitterness nor astringency at all. The umami taste is there, as well as some sweetness. It feels somewhat lighter than other matcha, but it is definitely delicious. I also experienced a fresh aftertaste afterwards. Most people would agree that this tea tastes very good. It has a delicate quality to it.

The decaffeination process doesn’t seem to adversely affect the quality of the matcha. In the case that it did, then it must have been a great matcha to begin with.

I did sleep very well afterwards.

If you ever need a decaffeinated matcha, I highly recommend this one.


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