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Balancing Matcha Smoothie Ft. Just Lean In

January 03, 2023

It’s that time of year again when we might have overindulged and feel the urge to get back on track with our health and weight goals. One of the primary reasons we hang on to those last stubborn extra pounds is because, after a month of eating tons of sugar and carbohydrates, our blood sugar experiences large peaks and valleys. We may get intense cravings or feel little motivation to stick to our usual fitness regimen. 

What if there was a product that could get your day off to a good start and keep you satiated so you can stick to your plan? What if that product kept you focused and energized so that you could get to the gym and perform your workouts? Enter Domatcha – 100% authentic Japanese matcha green tea. In every tin of Domatcha, you’re guaranteed only the freshest and most premium tea leaves from Uji and Kagoshima. The tea leaves are pampered with ample shading, steaming, and stone grinding using traditional Japanese equipment to achieve a high-quality and largely bioavailable matcha green tea. 

Better yet, the taste is so delicious that most customers consume it in traditional tea preparation or incorporate it into their favourite smoothies. If you love a good workout smoothie, there’s no better option than Domatcha Summer Harvest 

The professional fitness coaches from  Just Lean In  have a few positive things to say about the matcha from Domatcha. Just Lean In is a personalized home fitness and nutrition coaching program designed for women who want to lose weight sustainably and without restriction. Their all-star coaching team focuses on proper nutrition education and exercises designed to get people in shape all year round—a combination of muscle strengthening, toning, and high-intensity cardio. 

They offer their foolproof and balancing matcha smoothie that they consume regularly. This balancing smoothie helps them get sustainable energy to power through their coaching and training sessions.  

“One of the things we have learned in recent years is that when we combine powerful superfoods, we often get a synergistic effect. For those who have the goal of weight loss, the way you combine these ingredients can help speed metabolism, keep you focused and help with body composition more so than if you consumed these products alone,” says Rita Sun, one of the coaches and co-founders of Just Lean In. 

Matcha is one of the highest antioxidant foods, containing high levels of catechins (EGCGs), flavonoids, and polyphenols [1]. Combining certain ingredients in our morning smoothie with matcha allows us to stay satiated and nutritionally balanced throughout the day, which can help with weight management. 

One of the other ways to increase diversity in the gut is to cycle different foods and macros. If you would like more information on a program that can do all this for you, please check out this website:  www.justleanin.com 

Balancing Matcha Smoothie  

By Just Lean In 

Blend all ingredients together in a blender with ice. 

**Baobob is extremely good for gut health, a good source of fiber and can even help with weight loss and decrease blood sugar and is one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world.   

[1] Jakubczyk, K., Kochman, J., Kwiatkowska, A., Kałduńska, J., Dec, K., Kawczuga, D., & Janda, K. (2020). Antioxidant Properties and Nutritional Composition of Matcha Green Tea. Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 9(4), 483. https://doi.org/10.3390/foods9040483 

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