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6 Ways To Stay Connected To Nature Even If You Are Socially Distancing

April 08, 2020

Even under the present circumstances of social distancing due to COVID-19, it’s important to find ways to celebrate and enjoy your small rituals of appreciation. Earth Month is important to us at DōMatcha®. We care deeply for the natural world and that reflects throughout our production and distribution process. At this stressful time, we want to offer you some ways to celebrate Earth Month with us and stay connected to nature even if you are socially distancing or self-isolating!







Thanks for joining us on this moment of appreciation for Earth Month. Although there are difficult times at the moment, practicing gratitude for what we do have and are able to do for ourselves and others will help us get through this challenge. Celebrating the Earth and Nature is something we can do to uplift ourselves any time, any place! Drop a comment and let us know how you’re celebrating Earth Month this year!