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How to Eat Healthy this Holiday Season with DōMatcha®

December 01, 2022

The holiday season can be a notorious time for people to splurge on gifts and, of course, food! Who could resist the holiday staff parties, grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, and other scrumptious treats that come with the time off? 

Feeling guilty over our indulgences can actually be worse for our health in the long run. Cortisol, the stress hormone in excess amounts, contributes to a slew of health implications like weight gain and high blood pressure, to name a few.

Instead, a mindset shift toward moderation and incorporating micronutrient-dense ingredients in our daily diets may be the better solution. Adding some garden greens to that mashed potato dinner or substituting tea for alcohol in the evening are small changes, but they contribute to weight maintenance, blood sugar stabilization and better sleep in the long run.

One of our favourite superfoods we like to incorporate daily is: you guessed it, matcha.

Matcha contains potent antioxidants like catechins and amino acids like L-theanine which is known to induce a state of focus and calmness.

Incorporating one teaspoon of stone-ground matcha into your daily diet can wield enlightening physical and mental health benefits, like boosted energy, mental alertness, calmness, and blood sugar stabilization. When you’re using 100% authentic Japanese matcha, it should be smooth and balanced to drink on its own, prepared as a tea.

You’re also more likely to stay active when you feel well and energized. In this article, we listed a few ways we can stay healthy this holiday season with DōMatcha® while still enjoying our favourite treats.

Grab a New Workout Buddy: Matcha Protein Shake

Eat healthy this holiday season with DoMatcha_Travel Pack

Need something cold, sweet and delicious to get you pumped for the gym? A matcha protein shake is the answer! Simply blend a cup of your favourite dairy-free milk (almond, oat, cashew..etc), with a frozen banana, one scoop of vanilla vegan protein powder, and one travel packet of Organic DōMatcha® and serve chilled. Add 1 teaspoon of hemp hearts, coconut oil, or flax for a boost of healthy fats.

Make a Salad Using Matcha Pesto Dressing

Eat healthy this holiday season with DoMatcha_Travel Pack_Ceremonial Matcha Tins

We love complementing savoury and vinegary dishes with the robust flavour of matcha. Using the same dressing we made for these delicious Matcha Pesto Noodles, you can easily substitute it for any salad dressing for a nutrient-dense punch. This dressing would pair well with field greens, zucchini noodles, or butter gem lettuce.

Trade Sugary Treats for Healthier Matcha Alternatives

Eat healthy this holiday season with DoMatcha_Travel Pack_Matcha Donuts

The holidays scream sugar. Indulging in excessive amounts of sugar can make us feel lethargic and mentally foggy. It also contributes to weight gain. We encourage you to get creative and explore the vast realm of healthy recipes out there that can be tailored to any taste. Whether you love nostalgic holiday drinks or decadent desserts, there are bound to be healthier substitutions that can make the recipe lighter and more aligned with your health or fitness goals.

For example, give the decadent matcha truffles or matcha chocolate bark if you feel like something sweet. Or a vegan matcha white hot chocolate to stay warm in the cold weather. Make this matcha apple pie if you’re entertaining guests.

Drink Matcha Tea Between Meals

Eat healthy this holiday season with DoMatcha_Matcha Drink

There’s nothing wrong with indulging during the holidays, especially since the whole purpose is to spend time and enjoy the company of your loved ones and friends. An easy way to prevent going overboard during these glorious feasts is to simply sip on matcha between meals. We recommend drinking our Organic Ceremonial DōMatcha® green tea for a more balanced flavour. Pure matcha contains antioxidants that trigger the release of hunger-suppressing hormones called cholecystokinin (CCK) and is known to improve energy levels. When we’re feeling tired and lethargic, we’re more likely to make poorer decisions when it comes to our nutrition and diet.

There’s no need to fear the holidays regarding our health and wellness. Simply incorporating a healthy step, like adding matcha into our routines, can help us stay balanced during this time of the year, and not to mention it’s tasty too!

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