DōMatcha®’s conventional matcha tea powder

Premium, versatile conventional matcha powder

DōMatcha®’s wide range of matcha tea, both conventional matcha tea powder and organic matcha tea powder, is produced in harmony with the traditional practices of Japanese farmers and tea producers; cultivated, harvested, and processed carefully every step of the way to product the best Japanese matcha possible. The tea leaves our conventional matcha tea powder is made from are grown in one of the best matcha producing regions of Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

Our full line is available online for purchase – buy matcha powder here. Our conventional matcha powder has the brand’s signature sweet flavour, high quality, and bright green hue. As always, our matcha is made from 100% authentically Japanese powdered tea leaves, with no fillers or sweeteners added.

The Master’s matcha line, Master’s Choice and Master’s Decaf, are unique, premium matchas blended by DōMatcha®’s 16th-Generation Tea Master, meticulously produced in the Kyoto region of Japan from young, shade-grown tencha green tea leaves. Master’s Decaf is an innovative matcha produced with a proprietary water decaffeination process leaving it with only a miniscule amount of caffeine, similar to decaf coffee, but retaining its high nutritional value and L-theanine content.

Our conventional Ceremonial Matcha is made with only the finest, youngest tencha tea leaves for a high nutritional value, rich taste, and a gorgeous vibrant green colour.

Our DōMatcha® Travel Packets (24/box) contain a single serving of conventional Ceremonial Matcha and are perfect for on-the-go to elevate your yoga practice, take on hikes, or just make your morning a little quicker. They are ideal to use together with a travel mug or bottle.

The leaves for our conventional Summer Harvest matcha are picked in August instead of spring, resulting in an earthier flavour and high levels of antioxidants. Summer Harvest is perfect for blending in smoothies and matcha lattes.

Master's Choice

30g | $45.49

Master’s Choice - Finest Matcha Green Tea

Unique, premium matcha blended by DōMatcha®’s 16th-Generation Tea Master.


Master's Decaf

30g | $59.92

Master's Decaf - Finest Matcha Green Tea

The world’s first decaf matcha, ideal for caffeine-sensitivity or evening consumption.



30g | $30.87

Ceremonial Matcha

High-quality, nutrient-dense matcha ideal for ceremonial or daily use.


Summer Harvest

80g | $37.52

Summer Harvest Matcha

Matcha made from tea leaves harvested in summer, high in antioxidants.


Travel Packets

24 x 1.5g | $47.49

Travel Packets Ceremonial Matcha

Delicious ceremonial matcha in convenient, travel-friendly sachets.