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August 08, 2023

The Origins of Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial grade matcha is ubiquitous with a superior quality tea. With the proliferation of matcha on the market, the desire for consumers to become more educated on matcha, its history, and the difference between matcha grades is becoming more pervasive....


July 18, 2023

Why Not All Japanese Matcha is Created Equal

  Cultivating the ideal tasting matcha is both a science and an art. Matcha cultivation has been practiced since the 11th century, starting with the Zen Buddhist monks. It’s evolved into a more sophisticated and commercialized practice yet the best matcha...


June 28, 2023

The Evolution of the Organic Matcha Market

Many folks prefer organic when it comes to concentrated products like green powders, herbs, spices, and even matcha powder. Matcha is made from the Camellia sinensis plant, otherwise known as the Green Tea plant. The highest quality matcha in the world comes...


June 21, 2023

Six Surprisingly Simple Summer Recipes Using Matcha Powder

With the temperature warming up in the summertime, there’s nothing better than thirst quenching matcha beverages and treats. Matcha powder pairs wonderfully with iced beverages or smoothies, making it a hydrating and antioxidant-rich option to sip on throughout the summer...