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Your Green Best Friend: How to Get the Most Out of Your Matcha Tea Routine

February 08, 2023

Your matcha has finally arrived in the mail. You curiously lift the iconic silver tin with the matte black label up to eye-level and look straight into the center. You’re met with the signature DO logo of Domatcha (Dō meaning “the way”).

Next, you carefully spin the lid off to break the small seal that enclosed it. Inside, is another airtight silver food safe bag, along with an oxygen absorber to keep in the freshness of the matcha. It’s slightly cold to touch because the matcha powder has been kept at the correct temperature to prevent degradation.

As you snip open the food safe bag, your met with a fragrant aroma of green tea, the matcha powder is smooth looking and vibrant green. This already looks promising.

There’s also a red mini booklet that contains the nutritional information and other tips for preparation and storage.

matcha accessories

Of course, you wanted to get the authentic experience, so you purchased some matcha accessories including the gorgeous Ceremonial Matcha Bowl in Red Soul, and a bamboo whisk, and a bamboo scoop. You get to work right away, heating up the water, and then you whisk until the powder dissolves and the color of the water turns from darkish green to a light froth. You take a sip and taste hints of umami and slight sweetness that is distinct in stone ground matcha.

And now you’re hooked on this routine. A matcha tea routine that’s not only delicious and soothing, but healthier than your usual coffee.

If you’re among the people that recently adopted a matcha tea routine, or are looking to get on this train, look no further. We’re providing you the soundest tips to make the most of your matcha tea experience.


#1. Do Drink Matcha Tea in the Morning


Considering you had a full night of rest prior to waking up, you should already feel refreshed. However, the transition from slumber to rise can still be uncomfortable, the feeling of grogginess that people have when they first wake up.

Many of us resort to coffee to help jumpstart the day, as it’s a stimulant and highly addictive. Plus, coffee can usually be made with a press of a button, adding to the attractiveness of it.

On the contrary, preparing matcha does not take more than 3 minutes, but it does require you to be somewhat present. The preparation of matcha can actually help us be more mindful, as it requires a little bit of effort—the scooping, the whisking...etc. and achieving the perfect froth (if you’re into that). Like making our bed in the morning, making our matcha tea in the morning can stimulate the same feelings of being present, calm, healthy, and productive.

Not to mention, matcha is incredibly alkalizing unlike coffee and can help us look forward to ingesting healthier foods through out the day.


#2 Do Not Mix Cow’s Milk and Matcha

Matcha is nature’s largest source of L-theanine and a great source of catechins

One delicious way to enjoy matcha is by making a latte. However, we recommend using only planted based milks because dairy affects the absorption of matcha. If you’re investing in a high quality matcha powder, like from Domatcha, you want to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefits from every cup. Matcha is nature’s largest source of L-theanine and a great source of catechins, as well as other micronutrients like Vitamin C, and antioxidants such as phenolic acids, Rutin, and Quercetin.


#3 Do Take Matcha Before Your Workouts

Matcha Before Your Workouts

Many of us require an extra “boost” to get ourselves to peak performance in our workouts. Instead of relying on jittery coffee or artificial flavor laden pre-workout, we can turn to our best green friend matcha to give us that sustained flow of energy.

Just take a look at our testimonials from fellow athletes and Olympians on how Domatcha gives them sustained energy through their daily lives, including 2x Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson.

Matcha contains around one-third of the caffeine content of coffee, and when combined with L-theanine has been proven to increase focus and mental agility. Whether it’s the gym, or preparing for an important exam, matcha will help you conquer the most herculean goals.


#4 Don’t Drink Matcha before Bed

 Matcha before Bed

Despite matcha containing significantly lower caffeine content compared to coffee, it is not advisable to drink matcha before bed. Even minor doses of caffeine in the evening can affect our sleep cycle and ultimately, our health and productivity.

When we drink caffeine in the evening, we may suffer the consequences the next day. Luckily, we thought of that too at Domatcha so we offer a proprietary decaffeinated matcha- the first of it’s kind. What’s often surprising to people that the decaf matcha we carry taste the same to our regular matcha tea and contains 1:1 nutrition profile. Our Master’s Choice Decaf is the select choice for matcha connoisseurs who want to avoid caffeine altogether, or want a delectable, craving-bunking, bedtable beverage.



The way our lives become is a result of the choices we make along the way. When it comes to health, longevity, and wellness, taking minor actions, like incorporating phytonutrient-rich and free radical fighting foods like matcha, can help us improve our lives by multiples. In this article, we simply outlined some guidelines to help you enjoy matcha to the fullest. We encourage you to follow these practices for the best results.




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