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Where to Buy Matcha in Vancouver

June 07, 2023

It’s strange to imagine a world without people sipping on matcha at their local coffee shop or starting their mornings at home without a foamy matcha latte. Can you believe that about a decade earlier, matcha was practically unknown?

Today, matcha lives not only on Instagram feeds, but also near the top of the tea menu, right next to chai lattes and London fogs, and sometimes even with their own sections. If you’ve ever sipped on a matcha latte, you’ll notice the bright emerald color, its vegetal notes, hint of sweetness, and reminisce of umami.

Where to Buy Matcha in Vancouver

Matcha also contains about a third of the caffeine content of coffee, which can help you get the “pick me up” without the jitteriness.

Many artisanal coffee shops in Vancouver carry small batch matcha. Matchsticks Roastery with five locations around Vancouver catering to the eclectic beanie wearing, pour-over drinking crowd, has an entire section of the menu dedicated to “Maccha.” They use “maccha” from a small matcha producer based in Victoria, BC. Unlike most commercialized cafes, they encourage patrons to consume matcha in its “tea” form sans milk.

(In this case maccha means the same thing as matcha)

A newly opened but already popular joint, Perfecto Café on the West end also has a matcha menu which includes classics like the “Matcha Latte” or “Blue Matcha Latte”.  They do not sell their matcha by bulk.

Blenz café, which is one of Canada’s first commercialized coffee shop franchises carries a unique array of drinks, including “100% organic matcha lattes” in which they advertise frivolously.

Other specialty coffee shops that carry matcha beverages include Prado café (7 locations), Aperture coffee bar (2 locations), Caffe Mira, Milano Coffee Roasters (3 locations), Honolulu café (3 locations), and Pallet Roasters (7 locations)…and many more.

How to Get the Most Value for Matcha in Vancouver

A matcha latte in Vancouver ranges from $5.25 to $7 (if opt for non-dairy milk). By purchasing a tin of ceremonial organic matcha, which is suited for everyday taste, will give you around 25 servings of matcha. This will end up costing $1.49 CAD per serving, or $0.99 if you get the 80 gram tin.

Where to Buy Matcha in Vancouver_3

The nice thing about Domatcha’s organic matcha powder is that it’s completely preservative and filler free, meaning what you’re getting is 100% authentic Japanese grown matcha. It’s also carefully blended by our tea master to ensure consistent flavour throughout the batches. All our matcha is sourced from Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima, some of the top producing terroirs in Japan, due to its exceptional growing conditions.

Where to Buy Matcha in Grocery Stores

Many chain grocery stores will carry matcha in their tea aisles. In Vancouver, you can find Domatcha at all Wholefoods Market locations, all Choices Market locations, and Thrifty Foods.

Where to Buy Matcha in Independent Stores

Thanks to niche, independent retailers, consumers are empowered with more choices when it comes to food and home supplies. We love supporting independent retailers who consistently make the effort to bring unique and “out there” products to their customers. Here’s a list of where to find Domatcha at independent retailers across Vancouver.

Where to Buy Matcha in Supplement Shops

Where to Buy Matcha in Local Pharmacies

Where to Buy Domatcha at Cafes and Juice Bars

Where to Buy Matcha in Vancouver_5

Many customers enjoy having a cup of matcha at their local coffee shop, which is why Domatcha supplies artisan cafes around the city. Drop by some of these cafes to satisfy your matcha cravings.

Where to Find Domatcha at Your Healthcare Clinic

Because of the purity and high quality of Domatcha, many naturopathic doctors recommend Domatcha to their patients. Therefore, you’ll be able to find Domatcha products at select naturopathic or wellness clinics across Vancouver.

If you find yourself suddenly succumbing to a matcha obsession, fret not, there are plenty of places you can find and buy matcha in Vancouver. When you choose the select retailers on the lists we’ve provided, you can be confident that what you’re getting is high quality, authentic, and 100% Japanese grown matcha from Uji and Kagoshima. Never any fillers, preservatives, or sugar added. Sip away and let yourself enjoy a delectable moment with matcha.

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