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Where to Buy Matcha in Toronto

September 06, 2023

Matcha has quickly become a cult favourite on the East Coast. Toronto, being a busy hub for students, workers, and tourists has also begun to make its mark as a noteworthy matcha hub. Drawing influence from New York City, home to famous tea houses like Cha Cha Matcha and Ippodo, the matcha scene in Toronto is ready to burst.

Domatcha supplies a few key accounts in Toronto, but most are health stores, independent grocers, and chains. In this article, we will detail where are the best places to buy matcha and get your fix in the Big Six

Where to Buy Matcha in Grocery Stores

First and foremost, we always start with the most economical option to buy matcha, especially if you’re a daily matcha drinker. It comes to less than $1 per serving for authentic, 100% Japanese-grown matcha from Uji and Kagoshima. You can find Domatcha at the following locations:

Where to Buy Matcha in Health Food Stores

You can find Domatcha at smaller health stores, fitness studios, and wellness clinics. Practitioners and naturopaths will often recommend Domatcha as a good choice to complement a nutrition protocol.

Where to Buy Matcha at Cafes

There’s nothing like sipping a matcha latte in a beautiful café for a work session. We rounded up the hottest cafes serving up a great cup of matcha. Make sure you opt for dairy-free milk for maximum absorption of the nutritional benefits of matcha.

Rustle & Still

Home to Toronto’s Voted Best Banh Mi in the city, Rustle & Still brings refreshing and authentic flavours of Vietnam to Toronto. Besides delicious banh mis, Rustle & Still has a vibrant drink menu featuring a full coffee bar, and tea favourites like matcha and hojicha lattes. This café has a whopping 4.8 rating with plenty of raves about the matcha pandan latte. They are also known for their friendly staff.


Nutbar is coined as the “world’s first superfood café” with four locations across Toronto. They place a high emphasis on only sourcing high-quality and nutrient-rich ingredients, including using homemade nut milk in their superfood drinks and coffee. Their nut milk contains up to 30% of nuts, whereas store-bought contains around 2%. As for their matcha latte, they use 100% organic ceremonial matcha with steamed nut milk. Their supermatcha includes vanilla, coconut oil, and raw honey. Besides matcha, they offer tonics, smoothies, acai bowls, smaller bites, and bowls.

Ninetails Coffee Bar

Ninetails Coffee Bar “is a Japanese-inspired café that celebrates the harmonious union of traditional Japanese culture and the art of coffee brewing.” In addition to their small batch coffee, they also make an excellent ceremonial matcha latte which they serve in a traditional ceramic bowl. For treats, they offer French-inspired pastries and dorayaki (a traditional Japanese dessert filled with red bean, custard or matcha).


This café was featured in Architectural Digest in their “23 Most Beautifully Designed Modern Coffee Shops.” This neighbourhood regular has a classically minimalistic look, with plenty of wooden features and cement ceilings. But what’s outstanding other than their brews, are their matcha lattes, with matcha imported directly from Kyoto. For an extra special treat, try their Kyoto Matcha Affogato which features rich matcha green tea soft serve, shiratama mochi, and red bean paste served with matcha green tea and roasted sesame crackers. If you’re adventurous, they have plenty of other tea options imported from Kyoto like Hojicha, Genmaicha, Betsujyo Sencha, Gyokuro Genmaicha, and Kabusecha.

The Library Specialty Coffee

This unassuming shop has a big white sign labelled COFFEE on its storefront. According to reviewers, they also serve up a mean matcha latte in addition to great coffee. Some notes about the matcha; authentic, unsweetened, vivid green, and creamy.

Forget Me Not Coffee

This sweet Korean-inspired café is nestled in the fashion district. They serve a variety of house-special drinks like black sesame and dalgona lattes, as well as a great matcha latte paired with matcha cookies.

Conclusion: Get Your Matcha On

The nice thing about matcha is that it’s a year-round drink. It can provide much-needed warmth and energy in the colder months, of which Torontonians are not strangers to. And in the warmer months, an iced matcha latte can help provide a refreshing quench to our palette. Fortunately, there's no shortage of places to get your matcha fix in Toronto. We wish you happy matcha hunting and sipping.


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