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The Power of Ritual: 5 Matcha Benefits for Men

June 12, 2023

According to a 2008 study published by the American Society for Microbiology, men generally consumed more red meat, poultry and starch and fewer vegetables and fruit than women. Although high protein consumption has health benefits like muscle building and hemoglobin formation, not getting the “rainbow” can do more harm than good in the long run and has been linked to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Antioxidants found in vegetables and matcha have been found to offset cellular damage caused by inflammation.

The modern way of living comes with a host of stress. This is where rituals targeted at mindfulness and health can help us preserve or gain more vitality in our lives to tackle the most arduous problems. Consuming matcha has been shown to reduce stress levels, increase focus, improve digestion, and stimulate performance. All men can enjoy the ample benefits of matcha for their health and productivity. Here are the five top matcha benefits for men you’ll want to know about.


Stimulating a Healthy Gut for Mental Clarity

A well-functioning gut is linked to an optimal-functioning brain. When men undergo excess stress or pressure from work, it can lead to irregular eating patterns, unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, indigestion, and irregular bowel movements. To destress our minds, we need to ‘destress’ our guts.

Instead of attacking our guts first thing in the morning with an acidic coffee that acts like a diuretic, try switching to matcha tea. Matcha green tea is alkalizing and hydrating. Considering we’re already pretty dehydrated when we wake up, preparing matcha tea with generous amounts of water is not a bad idea.

In addition, matcha is rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll, and vitamins, which can help curb our cravings for sugary and salty foods and probe us to choose healthier and fibre-rich food throughout the day.


Matcha Benefits for Performance

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose matcha as their pre-workout drink and for good reason.

Matcha contains a slight amount of caffeine which keeps us mentally alert, but unlike coffee, it enables a steadier flow of energy. From a performance perspective, this is a huge win.


Matcha Benefits for Productivity

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The natural caffeine in matcha has anti-inflammatory effects, specifically in the hippocampus. The hormones and proteins that protect and repair our brain cells decline as we age. Research suggests that the high levels of EGCG found in matcha are “an effective neuroprotective agent in neurological disorders caused by inflammation.”

A well-functioning memory can serve us amply in work and our relationships with peers and family.


Matcha Benefits for Mental Health

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Self-care isn’t emphasized to men as much as it is for women. In the race for success, some men will end up in a constant battle with their minds. Nearly 1 in 10 men experience some form of depression or anxiety, but less than half seek treatment, according to ADAA. Although matcha is no cure for mental health issues, many see making their morning matcha as a meditative experience. Including matcha preparation in your daily ritual allows you to slow down, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Sometimes a few moments is all you need to help ground you during a stressful day.


Taming the Inner Lion

Men naturally have higher levels of testosterone which can influence aggression and impulsiveness. Although aggression can sometimes serve men in high-stress environments like the military, competitive sports, or business; too much aggression can lead to negative consequences and even social ostracization. Matcha naturally contains this potent amino acid named L-theanine, which has been shown to increase alpha waves in the brain, producing a calming effect. Instead of the erratic energy one may get from coffee, matcha’s unique combination of caffeine and L-theanine can help one stay alert yet calm.


Reap all the Matcha Benefits for Men

Men have historically not been as socialized as women to think about their diet and nutrition. However, there’s been an essential understanding in recent years that taking care of oneself with the highest quality foods is a form of self-investment. More men are pursuing their nutrition and exercise regimen to lead healthy and productive life. By consuming at least 1 cup of matcha daily, you get 10 times the antioxidant content of 1 cup of steeped green tea. The unique properties of matcha create a feeling of zen while also providing the mental alertness we need to stay focused on our tasks of the day.