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Stay Calm this Month with Domatcha Decaf Matcha

February 15, 2023

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Let’s talk about calmness. In today’s fast-driven world, it can be increasingly difficult to stay focused and calm due to the never-ending distractions pining for our attention. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, an estimated 31% of all adults will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.  The cause of anxiety can come from a variety of factors: our diets, our sleep, the level of stress in our life, economics, and work are just a few examples.

Not to say, the rising consumption of coffee doesn’t aid with anxiety and sleep health. 64% of Americans is reported to be coffee consumers. The caffeine in coffee (around 100mg) often raises our energy levels temporarily but can also induce a jittery effect which can make us more anxious if we’re already prone to anxiety. Drinking coffee later in the day can also affect our sleep quality.

Sleep is paramount to our brain function and how we feel, which is why we recommend staying calm with Domatcha’s decaf matcha. Decaf matcha contains 1:1 profile of antioxidants and health benefits but contains minimal traces of caffeine (around 6mg). Comparatively, regular matcha has around 30mg of caffeine, and coffee has around 100mg of caffeine per serving.


Benefits of Decaf Matcha

Stay Calm this Month with Domatcha Decaf Matcha_2


Many of our customers love the aroma and the taste of 100% Japanese matcha tea but struggle to find matcha tea that’s decaffeinated. This is why we spent four years developing the perfect process to create clean, decaffeinated matcha for our customers.

The result: Beautiful and rich tasting matcha powder that won’t cause a disturbance to your sleep functions.

Some other great benefits include:

L-theanine: An amino acid that has been showed to increase alpha waves in the brain, producing a calming and focused effect.

Catechins: A type of antioxidant found in green and black tea, but especially prevalent in matcha tea. Helps fight free radicals in the body, which can aid with anti-aging, reducing inflammation, and improve cardiovascular health.

Polyphenols: A micronutrient the naturally occurs in plants and a powerful antioxidant that prevent or reverse oxidative stress in the cells caused by age, environment, and lifestyle.


Calming Techniques

The day-to-day stress in our lives can accumulate over weeks, months, and even years if we fail to address it. That’s why finding moments of calmness can help us lower our stress levels over time.


 Sip on decaf matcha from Domatcha to ensure your sleep quality is unaffected by your drink of choice

Getting consistent, good quality sleep can help us feel at our best. Not getting enough rest causes us to become lethargic, experience increased blood pressure, and blood sugar fluctuations—which can all contribute to us feeling more antsy.

Sip on decaf matcha from Domatcha to ensure your sleep quality is unaffected by your drink of choice. This is the only matcha in our line that can be consumed before bed.


Our diets can contribute largely to how our gut and brain feels. A low-fiber diet consisted of processed foods, sugary beverages, and coffee can wreak havoc on our gut health over time. More research has increasingly linked gut health to brain health. Starting the day off with a healthy beverage like matcha can signal our eating habits for the rest of the day. Bottom line: we’re more likely to eat healthy if we start the day off healthy.


Exercise is vital in stress management. Taking a 30 minute walk can lower blood pressure, improve mood, and stimulate your digestive system. Practicing yoga has been conventionally known to alleviate stress and help with muscle release. If you experience stress on a regular basis, adding exercise into your routine can help combat it.


Mediation practices focus on two things: the breath and the mind. Integrating a meditation practice into our lives can help us reset our nervous system by taking larger and fuller breathes and clearing our mind. Better yet, thanks to the high L-theanine content, drinking matcha before meditation can help us focus more on the meditation and get the full stress relieving benefits from this wellness practice.

Social Interaction

By nature, humans are social beings. When the pandemic stripped us of the ability to be with one another, the result was a spike in anxiety, loneliness and other mental health ailments. Now that the lockdowns have concluded and things are going back to normal, make seeing your loved ones a priority.

Therapeutic treatments

Getting treatments like therapeutic or relaxation massages can help reduce muscle tension we gather from a full day at our work. When we reduce physical stress, it also decreases our mental stress.


Stay Calm this Month with Domatcha Decaf Matcha

The purpose of breathwork is to increase the oxygen flow to our brain and heart. This process also aids in detoxification, as 70% of toxins are excreted through deep breathing. Deeper breathing can help regulate our stress levels and tension.


Many of us hold our stress in, which can lead to overwhelm. Some problems are hard to fix alone, and that’s when it can be beneficial to enlist a professional therapist to help us come up with a realistic solution. Talking it out can also help reduce mental burden, and thus lead to reduced stress.



Stress is a normal part of life but being consumed by it can be detrimental to our overall well-being. With the political, economic, and social tensions constantly unfolding and continuing into 2023, it’s safe to say we could all benefit from some more calmness in our lives. Make sure you stay mindful of how you’re feeling and make it a prioritise to take care of your mental, emotional, and physically well-being.

Sip on and stay calm.


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