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Bridging Japan: Domatcha Featured in Bridges for Extraordinary Cultural Achievements in North America

August 08, 2023

With 16 years in the market, Domatcha was founded upon a unique set of principles and partnerships, aiming to bring pure and authentic matcha to North America.

Today, Domatcha is a dominant player in the natural retail space, carried in over 1500 retail stores across Canada and the United States. The precarious journey of how matcha became a global phenomenon is no simple story. To the surprise of many, the roots of Domatcha extend back about 130 years.
In a recent feature article by Bridges, Domatcha’s rich and integrated history with Japan’s first foreign trading company, Andrews and George Limited, is displayed on record. The article goes on to detail the expansion and achievements of Andrews and George Limited (A&G) in Japan and how a century later, that company has been revitalized by John Harrison, the descendent of William H.
Andrews, the founder of A&G. Andrews and George Limited is the parent company of Domatcha and is responsible for its distribution.
“Prior to 2007, there were no matcha brands that existed in North America. When John Harrison visited Japan in 2005, he was inspired to bring matcha back to the West because of the groundbreaking health benefits of green tea. (Bridges, 2023).”
For a rare time, readers will get a glimpse into the head of John Harrison, founder & CEO Domatcha, and witness the shocking and explosive growth of matcha, a once obscure food product in North America. They can also learn about the exciting impact of matcha’s global success in Japan