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Best Places to Buy Matcha in Los Angeles

October 23, 2023

The City of Angels has always been a place of inspiration. We think about the beautiful beaches that seem to go on forever. The gorgeous rustic desert trails giving 360 °panoramic views of the city. The Hollywood Sign, indulging in ice cream on the Santa Monica Pier, green juice, acai bowls, and of course, matcha. The green scene in Los Angeles is just as encapsulated as some of the other well-known attributes of the city. Due to a wave of immigration in the late 1800s, Los Angeles became the largest hub for Japanese immigrants in the US. Today, that influence has transpired through art, culture, and the vibrant culinary scene in LA.

You can probably find matcha where you can find coffee in Los Angeles. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, we have just the guide for you. Here are the best places to buy matcha in Los Angeles.

Best Cafes for Matcha in Los Angeles

Every cafe tells its own story, and there’s no shortage of them in Los Angeles. The cafe scene in Los Angeles provides a dreamy oasis away from the bustling city traffic. You’ll find cafes serving matcha on the busiest streets in LA, seaside patios, and nestled within ethnic quarters like Little Tokyo and Little Ethiopia.

Midori cafe



Image credits: www.midorimatcha.com

Located in the heart of Little Tokyo, Matcha is the star of the menu at Midori Cafe. “Grown in Japan, Whisked in LA” is their simple slogan. Their matcha is imported from the tea fields of Kagoshima, where they only source from USDA-certified organic tea fields. Tea leaves are handpicked once a year in May for ideal flavor. Flavor notes are: “Delicious, semi-sweet, umami with no bitterness.”

Aside from ceremonial and imperial-grade matcha, they also offer Kyoto-style matcha soft serve made with only two ingredients.

“Health is our number one priority and hence why most of our drinks are unsweetened or have minimal calories, fat, and sugar. We believe in enjoying matcha as close to its original traditional roots as possible.” (Official website of Midori Cafe).

If you’re ever in Little Tokyo, make sure you check out this spot for a delightful and authentic cup of matcha.


Image credits: https://www.yelp.com/biz/tea-master-matcha-cafe-and-green-tea-shop-los-angeles

Perfecting matcha is a tedious and downright impossible task if not armed with years, even generations of experience. Lucky for you, the staff at Tea Master Matcha Cafe are not only knowledgeable, but you can say obsessed with sourcing unique matcha and serving it in a way that honors its rich tradition. Besides trying their matcha in-house, you can purchase matcha tins and select teas imported from Japan. They also serve up matcha soft serve dusted with fresh matcha powder. Their ceremonial matcha is served traditionally in a ceremonial bowl, on a rounded tray, with a tiny serving of sweets to accompany the matcha.

Paradocs Coffee & Tea

A quaint storefront in Fairfax, Pardocs Coffee is owned and operated by a Japanese couple. They specialize in matcha drinks and matcha pastries. Some signature menu items include ceremonial matcha, matcha affogato, matcha croissant, and matcha brownies. Make sure you come early for the pastries because they’re known to sell out fast!

Cafe Dulche


Image credits: https://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-dulce-los-angeles

Cafe Dulche is famous for its craft donuts (green tea donut is recommended!) and is located in the main plaza in Little Tokyo. Their blueberry matcha latte is highly rated if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat. They now also have a location in the ROWDTLA.

Cha Cha Matcha

Image Credits: Cha Cha Matcha, Pinterest.com

Cha Cha Matcha’s flamingo pink and palm green aesthetic is hard to miss amidst the bustling seaside, “ritzy” shopping street in Venice Beach: Abbott Kinney. Not only is it as Instagram-worthy as The Beverly Hills Hotel, but it also serves the same Uji ceremonial matcha that is delivered to the Japanese Emperor. Now that’s a flex. Starting from humble beginnings in New York City, they’ve quickly captured the hearts of matcha enthusiasts and expanded quickly throughout competitive New York. They opened their first West Coast location in Los Angeles in 2019. Cha Cha Matcha prides itself on serving excellent, authentic Japanese matcha as an alternative to artisanal coffee.

Blackwood Coffee Bar


Image credits: https://www.yelp.com/biz/blackwood-coffee-bar-los-angeles

Artistic and modern cafe in Hollywood, serving specialty coffee drinks and hand-whisked matcha. Their matcha lattes are light and creamy, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try their fresh strawberry matcha latte. They also use ceremonial-grade matcha for all their drinks. Vegan-friendly- they make their almond/cashew milk in-house.


Best Stores to Buy Domatcha in Los Angeles (by Neighborhood)

There’s no shortage of places you can buy matcha for your home cafe in Los Angeles. Domatcha is carried in several natural grocers, independent chains, and health clinics across the city. Here is the full list of where to find authentic, 100% Japanese-grown matcha from Uji and Kagoshima. Our matcha is expertly blended by a 16th-generation tea master to ensure consistency and a balanced flavour profile across batches. Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality of matcha; Domatcha ceremonial is sweet, clean, and balanced with umami.

Matcha in Beverly Hills


Matcha in Cameron Park

Matcha in Carlson

Matcha in City of Industry

Matcha in Downtown Los Angeles

Matcha in El Segundo

Matcha in Fairfax

Matcha in Glendale

Matcha in Hermosa Beach

Matcha in Long Beach

Matcha in Manhattan Beach

Matcha in Northridge

Matcha in Pasadena

Matcha in Playa Vista

Matcha in Redondo Beach

Matcha in Santa Monica

Matcha in Sherman Oaks

Matcha in Torrance

Matcha in West Hollywood

Matcha in Venice

Whether you prefer the quiet serenity of your kitchen counter, or working in a busy seaside café, sipping on a delightful cup of matcha is bound to lift your senses. Enjoyed hot or cold, frothed or traditional, it’s always an adventure tasting different renditions of this precious green powder. Make sure you look for matcha that’s bright green, smooth, and doesn’t have bitterness. You can inquire about what matcha the café uses if you’re out and about. Ceremonial Uji matcha is generally indicated on the label and is considered some of the highest grade of matcha. If you’re native to Los Angeles, consider yourself lucky because you have an abundance of choice. Stop by select Whole Foods Markets locations to get a tin of Domatcha for home.

Happy sipping and sunshine dipping 🍵

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