DōMatcha® Master´s Decaf

Enjoy well-being at any time of day!

Master's Decaf - Finest Matcha Green Tea

30g tin: Approximately 25 servings

DōMatcha® Master´s Decaf

DōMatcha® Master´s Decaf is the perfect beverage for anyone caffeine-sensitive, or wishing to enjoy matcha in the evening, while still enjoying the nutritional benefits of matcha.

Decaf Matcha vs Coffee

Why shift from coffee to a fragrant cup of green matcha
for your daily pick-me-up…

Master's Decaf

  • Around 6 mg of caffeine per gram - same as decaf coffee
  • Contains L-theanine, which induces calm and focused state of mind, supporting productivity and reducing stress
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants, with an ORAC value of 1384 per gram


  • 80-120 mg caffeine per gram
  • Causes energy spikes, then crashes
  • Acidifying
  • Coffee breath!

What customers are saying…

Marcy Allen

Leslie Weir

“I would rate Master decaf a 5/5! It was such high quality I could tell the moment I saw its bright green colour. It doesn’t taste any different than regular matcha and with lower caffeine levels, it’s a great afternoon pick me up (or anytime of the day for that matter!)”

Andrea Borsuk @organicallyandrea

“I love the Master's Decaf! Such a smooth flavor and tastes just like caffeinated matcha. It's also great in baking!”

Noam Raiter @wellness_md

“I really love the quality and taste of the Master's Decaf! I most importantly like that I can enjoy matcha tea in afternoons without fear of the caffeine keeping me up all night. I highly recommend this product to all matcha lovers and individuals that may not be able to drink non-decaf. This is 100% at 5 out of 5 product!”

Leslie Weir @leslieweirnutrition

“I am SO impressed with DoMatcha’s new decaf matcha tea. It’s smooth, full-bodied, and equally as delicious as their caffeinated matcha. I love that I can drink it past 2pm and still fall asleep at night. I also love that it still contains all of the nutrients and benefits of regular matcha, so you’re not missing out on any of that! It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with this new tea. Rate: 5”

Marcy Allen @glowingholistichealth